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Theatre Musicians Association

A Players’ conference of the American Federation of Musicians

If you've ever performed for musical theatre, you need to be part of the TMA community of musicians. Theatre musicians face many challenges:

  • Virtual Orchestra Technology & Replacement by Pre-recorded Tracks
  • Reduced Instrumentations and Orchestrations
  • Inflation outpacing our wages
  • Ongoing Health & Safety Concerns worsened by the Covid-19 Pandemic
  • Traveling Conditions
  • Remoting and Covered orchestra pits render our Jobs invisible to the ticket-buyers
  • Old contract language that doesn't reflect current technology or working conditions

TMA is leading the effort to defend our livelihood. As a member of TMA, you will know what is being done, and what YOU can do to address the challenges we face. You will know what shows are coming to your area and what instrumentation they will use. Most importantly, your voice will join others — in unity and strength — to defend our jobs and the quality of musical theatre.

Join TMA!